Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Moon festival) is celebrated by the Chinese community by worshipping the moon. Following the Asian Lunar calendar, the day symbolizes reunion, which is why families come together and commemorate the historic traditions. This year the occasion embarks on September 24th, once again reviving the history and customs shared beneath.

The revival of a 3000-year-old History.

The mid-autumn festival came into existence over 3000 years back during the Shang Dynasty. During the time, there was a strong belief amongst the emperors that worshipping the full moon would win them a rich harvest. Later, during the Western Zhou Dynasty, sacrificial offerings were bejeweled into the practice to impress the Lunar goddess and are carried out to this day.

Permeating Radiance of the Moon Goddess.

The most popular folklore tale around the festival is about the Chinese Moon goddess,Chang’e, who is revered for her act of bravery. As per the tale, Chang’e levitated to the moon when she overdosed on an elixir of life that was about to get robbed by her husband. It’s believed that she is now on the moon accompanied by a rabbit and a man condemned to a Sisyphean tree-cutting.

The Sweet Tradition.

Like every Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival has its own special food – mooncake. It symbolizes reunion as ‘round’ translates to ‘reunion’ in Chinese languages. Mooncakes come in a variety of fillings and artistic patterns and reflect good luck and wish when gifted. These scrumptious cookies are sacrificed as offerings to the moon and then savored as a celebration.

Bright lights. Brighter Smiles.

On the day of the festival, lanterns light up the entire skyline. The widely popular Fire Dragon Dance exhilarates the people and uplifts their mood higher. There are many indulgences organized for families to enjoy together on this glimmering night. However, the brightest of them all are the smiles of the people as they reunite with their families and light up lanterns.

If you’ve never savored this festival before then take the first step by celebrating Mid-Autumn festival with your colleagues and friends. Gift them a moon cake and relish the smile that lights up their face. And hey, don’t forget to wish them “Chong Chew Jia Quie La”!