Our Work

THE Challenge

Car dealership advertising has a special style and creative direction where emphasis is given on financial benefits like discounts, cash backs, and low interest rates etc. We wanted to move away from this narration style and do something innovative to break the clutter. The client was using several TV ads for showing its service and scale of operation. They were also running different ads to target people from different ethnicities. Challenge was to cover all services and target all ethnicities in only one TV ad.

The Idea

Leveraging all the insights, A 30 second jingle based TV ad was created for the target audience. Focus was placed on delightful moments, happy customers and joyful sales & service staff. Chinese, South Asian, Caucasian and Black models were casted to represent all ethnicities. English Ad was aired on South Asian Channels as they are extremely comfortable with English. Since Chinese community prefer communication in their own language, the spot was translated into Cantonese and Mandarin language for immediate connect with the community.