Author: Zeeshan Khan                                                                                                                                                                              Published on September 26, 2017


Canada is a diverse country inviting approximately 250,000 immigrants each year. Ethnic marketing is important today to easily and quickly convince different multicultural audiences to buy or use your goods and services. Focusing on these three points about cultures is the most important aspect when launching advertisement for the ad to be successful. 


Market Research

Market research is the most important part of any plan. Having a proper knowledge of the targeted market in terms of likelihood towards the consumers plays a vital role. Depending on what your marketing objective is the kind of, you will have to figure out the type of research you should do, but in the end, it is really important that you don’t just go with your gut on what you think you know about a culture unless you actually belong to that culture. Even in situations where you might be part of that culture, others within that community might have other views, thoughts or opinions that may be valuable.



Using the right terminologies & translations and what they mean in that particular cultures. Such a good example was the use of failed translation was the use of Nova terminology in Mexico by GM to sell the vehicle that was successful in America. The sales in Mexico was poor because the term `nova` in Mexico meant `doesn`t go`. To avoid getting lost in translation, find a native from the culture you want to appeal to and have them translates your copy to the native language where you are trying to target.


Culture Awareness

Make the ad look like you understand and respect the culture. Don’t try to fake it, because people will catch up on this and it will most likely to cost your brand reputation. One can achieve this by understanding various aspects of the culture and portraying the right image. You want to make sure that the communities will correlate themselves with the advertisement and in the best case, they should have a good relationship with the brand, these types of customers are later converted to the brand loyal consumers.



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