Surge in new immigrants leaves no dearth of opportunities for Canadian brands.

The results are out, and they should have Canadian brands ecstatic. As per a recent Statistics Canada report, new immigrants made 61 per cent of Canada’s population growth in 2018—that’s 321,065 new immigrants. But that’s not it! This immigration trend seems to have snowballed into 2019: the report also highlights that immigration accounted for 83 per cent of Canada’s first quarter population growth in 2019.

What this means for Canadian brands is more customers— but only if they effectively reach out to the newcomers. This diverse market segment has been reported to have an affinity to marketing efforts that resonate with them, their culture, and their slices of life. Some brands have reframed their strategies, ensuring more inclusiveness, but there are still brands out there with catching up to do. Whatever course of action these brands take, we do hope they don’t miss out on the success wave.

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