Immigrants of this nationality ignited a spark in obtainment of permanent residency

As per recent statistics, Canada’s diversity boosted with 92,000 new permanent entry residents in 2018, credit to the express entry system. This was declared a rise by 41% in comparison with 2017.

However, many fluctuations were also observed, as reported by the Times of India. The number of Indians awarded the status spiked by 51%–taking the first spot.

The rise is also accredited to migration of Indians from the US due to challenges such as green-card delays and denials or delays of H-1B Visas.

But China, poised at the second position in 2017, slipped down to the third spot with only about 5,800 Chinese being awarded permanent residency. Nigerian immigrants are now number two at gaining permanent residency.

With all the facts above, it’s interesting to observe the shift in the heterogeneous mix that’s building a future Canada.

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