New research ranks countries on basis of work environment

Post a digital survey of 18,000 people across 14 countries between April and June 2019, Research firm Kantar has thrown light on work-environment of subject nations. Metrics such as “sense of belonging,” “absence of discrimination” and “presence of negative behaviour” were taken into account to conclude the findings.

Canada has claimed the first spot as the country with the most welcoming workplaces followed by U.S. and Germany. Canada’s performance is accredited to an impressive female representation at senior levels along with efforts of employers to enforce diversity and openness at work.


Kantar’s ‘Inclusion Index’

1.      Canada

2.      United States

3.      Germany

4.      Italy

5.      Spain

6.      The Netherlands

7.      Brazil

8.      United Kingdom

9.      France

10.  Poland

11.  Japan

12.  Australia

13.  Singapore

14.  Mexico

Canada’s good overall mark of 66%, however, comes with plenty room for improvement. Kantar shared that 20% Canadians and 17% Americans were victims of workplace bullying last year. Italy, the Netherlands and Spain topped as nations with the lowest levels of bullying; while on the other hand, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore topped as nations with the highest rates of bullying.

As we celebrate the progress we’ve made, let’s not forget there is work that needs to be done to make “work” a better place for everyone.

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