Now Serving: The Taste of Multicultural Canada in Ottawa

If you’re in Ottawa or are heading to the capital soon, then expect your senses to submit to a hunger-inducing whiff of South Asian flavours. As reported by CBC, the city is currently conducting the annually celebrated ‘South Asian Fest’ that took off August 9th and will go on until August 18th.

  (Laura Howells/CBC)

Except to be dazzled by an array of South Asian dishes, and music and dance forms. The entry to the festival is free (with the exception of some panel discussions). 

Other “must-experiences” include:

  • A cricket match
  • An Indian food fest
  • A professional Bollywood dance showcase
  • An outdoor concert featuring Indian pop stars, folk dancers and DJs

With five days still in hand, make sure to grab your plate full of South Asian delicacies while they last!

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