The Hows and Whys: Canada is diversifying the intake of international students

As reported by Mata Press Service, international students in Canada invested an estimated $21.6 billion on education and related expenses in 2018. Most of these students hailed from China and India i.e. more than 50%, and settled in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

Canada has devised a five-year plan as a result of growing competition from other countries going all-in on marketing their educational offerings. The $148-million-strategy comes with an investment worth $30 million to diversify recruitment efforts. Countries that will be focal destinations as part of this plan are Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, France and Ukraine. Another aspect of the plan is to invest about $100 million in Canadians studying abroad. The focus will also be on groups that have been denied opportunities in the past such as indigenous people, low-income and people with disabilities.

(Asian Pacific Post)

Canada battles medium- and long-term labour shortages, especially in highly qualified professional and skilled trades. These are important as they contribute to the development of a flourishing modern economy. Immigration also plays a crucial role in Canada’s consistent development as a noticeable portion of the Canadian population is ageing.

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