3 Excellent Examples of Multicultural Marketing

The world is becoming gradually more diverse, especially when it comes to culture. Such is especially the case in Canada. Every year, Canada welcomes about hundreds-of-thousand newcomers to the country from all around the world, with places such as India, China, Philippines, and many others being the top sources for new immigrants every year. As COVID-related restrictions are gradually getting lifted, Canada plans to further increase the amount of new immigrants each year. 

In a culturally diverse environment lies many lucrative marketing opportunities that are often overlooked. Multicultural marketing is a must for running a successful marketing campaign in this day and age. Brands must be inclusive to visible minority groups if they wish to earn their customer loyalty. One of the crucial ways to find multicultural marketing success is to get the advertising done well. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best examples of multicultural advertising done by brands and companies. 

Coca Cola: “America is Beautiful”

Multicultural advertising means much more than showing the mere existence of minority groups. And the “America is Beautiful” multicultural advertising campaign done by Coca Cola shows us a spectacular example. 

Watch here: Coca-Cola #AmericaIsBeautiful

The advertisement starts by showcasing various different parts of America, from grand canyons to Chinatown, from fancy street lights to silent suburban areas. Then, we see a montage of people of all ethnicities, all ages, and all cultures doing everyday activities, such as dancing or spending time with friends and families. While all this happens, singing can be heard, with the language changing at alternative lines. The ad ends with the humming of the chorus of the song “waving flag”, as the slogan “America is Beautiful” appears on screen. 

The ad does an excellent job at showcasing cultural and ethnic diversity, not just by having a diverse cast, but also featuring different languages that fit seamlessly well into the ad. The entire ad is an excellent broadcasting and celebration of cultural and racial diversity in the USA. 

Fenty Beauty Advertisement

Fenty Beauty is a brand launched by the singer Rhianna in 2017. This advertising campaign showcases not only its 40 shades of foundation, but also the brand’s own way of celebrating ethnic diversity. The advertisement features female models of all sorts of different ethnicities and different skin colors and tones. Not only does this ad excellently demonstrate how wide a variety of foundation shades there are, but also celebrates the female beauty of any skin color, and that beauty is achievable no matter your race or ethnicity. 

Watch here: How Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty delivered a wake-up call to the industry

The entire advertisement screams inclusion, from the first second to the last. Regarding this ad, Rihanna herself stated that, “It’s important to me that every woman feel included in this brand.” Safe to say, she achieved that successfully and gracefully. 

McDonalds – Konichi-wow! 

A successful multicultural advertisement can be as simple as food. In this advertising campaign called “Konichi-wow! Flavors of Japan”, we can see McDonald’s marketing products with a taste more palpable to other cultures and ethnicities, such as Japanese people’s affinity for shrimp and cooked meat coated with teriyaki sauce. They even have a Fuji apple McFreeze, specifically designed to look like Mount Fuji.

Incorporating these cultural elements into their products serves a lot. For one, can they use their brands and products to represent these aspects of cultures to the public eye. For another, these representations allow the brands to appeal to and connect with the visible minorities of these cultures. This is essentially killing two birds with one stone (which is also a popular adverb in Japanese culture as well as many other Asian cultures).

And the best part about this is that it’s a very simple concept. Keep in mind that McDonald’s is one of the most successful global restaurant chains around the world, and many attribute the company’s global success to its ability to innovate and adapt across different regions and cultures. This advertising campaign certainly makes a strong case for that.

It really goes to show that multicultural marketing can be done to any product if you have the right idea. It doesn’t need to be deep or profound, it just needs to make that connection with the multicultural market audiences. 


These are just 3 examples of the many examples of successful multicultural advertising campaigns, and there is possibly much more to come in the future. The world is walking to the direction where multiculturalism becomes more and more prevalent. As the environment changes this way, businesses and brands should also adjust accordingly. Never underestimate the power and importance of multicultural marketing, especially in a diverse space!

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