Cricket Emerges as Canada’s Fastest Growing Sport: A Boon for Multicultural Marketing

Cricket has surged in popularity to become Canada’s fastest-growing sport. This rise is fueled by the country’s increasing diversity, particularly from South Asian communities. With an estimated 5 million cricket fans, growing cricket is not just a sport but a vehicle for multicultural marketing in Canada.

The Global Cricket Phenomenon

Cricket’s global reach is astounding. The International Cricket Council (ICC) reports over one billion fans in the 16-69 age bracket, with an average fan age 34. Of these fans, 39% are women, highlighting the sport’s broad appeal. Major events like the ICC Cricket World Cup and ICC World T20 captivate audiences, with 95% of fans expressing high interest. Matches such as the 2019 India vs. Pakistan game, the most-watched cricket match worldwide, demonstrate the sport’s massive viewership, particularly in cricket-crazed nations like India, where 1.1 billion people follow the sport religiously.

Cricket Global Market Research

Cricket’s Rapid Growth in Canada

The rise of cricket in Canada can be attributed to its immigrant population from cricket-loving countries. Canada is home to 2.5 million South Asians, including Indian (1.3 million people), Pakistani (303,260, and Sri Lankan (132,410), among other cricket enthusiasts. These communities have brought their passion for cricket, driving the sport’s popularity. As a result, cricket viewership has skyrocketed, Boundaries North expects Canadian cricket participation to grow to more than 500,000 by 2033, based on current cricket participation data collected by Cricket Canada, Government of Canada forecasts on immigration and industry research on Canadian sport.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

According to SponsorPulse’s comprehensive data, the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), and ICC Cricket World Cup have collectively witnessed a growth of at least 4% in engagement since 2019, with the ICC leading the charge with an 8% surge in engagement in total in three years. These numbers highlight the increasing popularity of major cricket properties in North America and a growing positive sentiment around the sport.

Historical Roots and Modern Resurgence

Interestingly, cricket’s roots in Canada date back to 1867 when John A. MacDonald (Former Prime Minister of Canada) declared it the country’s first official sport. Today, ‘Cricket Canada,’ the sport’s official governing body, oversees its development across 10 provinces. Despite the challenge of limited cricket grounds, the sport is thriving, thanks to the enthusiasm of young immigrants and international students eager to continue playing cricket in their new home.

The Multicultural Marketing Advantage

Cricket’s growth in Canada presents a unique opportunity for multicultural marketing. The diverse fan base reflects Canada’s multicultural fabric, making cricket a powerful tool for brands aiming to connect with various ethnic communities. The sport’s demographic appeal – 34-year-olds on average, with a significant 39% female following and 61% male following – provides a rich target audience for marketers.

Brands can leverage cricket’s popularity to engage with South Asian consumers, using culturally resonant marketing strategies. Sponsorship of cricket events, advertising during matches, and community engagement initiatives can help brands build loyalty and trust among these communities. The ICC’s research underscores cricket’s potential, revealing that 95% of fans are highly engaged with major cricket events. This high level of interest indicates that cricket-related marketing campaigns can achieve substantial reach and impact.

Here are several reasons why cricket is an ideal tool for reaching diverse audiences:

 According to research conducted by the Toronto-based agency CulturaliQ, which surveyed

cricket multicultural marketing statistics
cricket multicultural marketing statistics
cricket multicultural marketing statistics
  • More than 5 million cricket fans in the country
  • 68% of people follow the sport at least once a week
  • 49% are planning home renovations within the next 12 months
  • 55% are planning on buying an automobile within the next 12 months
  • 58% shop more often for groceries
  • 28% of cricket fans are cricket fanatics
  • 39% of cricket fans play cricket at least once per month

According to research conducted by Sponsorpulse, which surveyed

cricket multicultural marketing
  • Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia are the provinces most enamoured with cricket in Canada.
  • The heartbeat of cricket resonates most strongly among males aged 25-34.
  • Indian Premier League is the sports property that garners the most engagement from women in Canada.


Cricket’s emergence as Canada’s fastest-growing sport is more than just a sporting phenomenon; it’s a testament to the country’s evolving multicultural landscape. For marketers, this represents an unprecedented opportunity to tap into a diverse and passionate audience. As cricket continues to gain ground, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping multicultural marketing strategies in Canada.

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