To enhance Maybelline’s brand engagement and resonance among South Asian Canadian females during the Diwali season, fostering a sense of inclusivity and cultural connection. 


In the fiercely competitive beauty and cosmetics landscape, where numerous brands vie for attention, the challenge was to carve a distinctive niche within the South Asian Canadian female demographic during Diwali. Beyond mere presence, the aim was to achieve prominence, becoming the top choice during the festive season and leaving a lasting impression that would set Maybelline apart from the competition. 

The Strategy

In the month-long campaign, ‘MAKE IT SPARK THIS DIWALI’ – (translated to Hinglish as ‘IS DIWALI UJALA KAR DO’), we ignited confidence in South Asian females, 18+, in Canada. Leveraging Google for digital display and Facebook/Instagram for social media, we brilliantly highlighted the transformative power of makeup, turning Diwali into a radiant celebration of self-expression. We incorporated culturally resonant imagery and Diwali motifs, strategically chosen to captivate and connect with our target audience. 


The outcomes were outstanding! Our campaign achieved a remarkable 870 thousand impressions and 20 thousand clicks. Furthermore, we engaged with over 150 thousand unique users, achieving an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 2.40%. It was undeniably a resounding success! 

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