DV8 specializes in marketing and advertising to the ethnic communities in an unexplored lucrative market.
We work as an extended arm to develop a rapport with various ethnicities by formulating effective marketing plans.


New Market Development

We disrupt existing markets through innovative ideas and unlock new gateways for our clients.

Public Relations

We make our clients part of long-lasting, memorable conversations with their customers across all media platforms.

Advertising Plans

We formulate and craft advertising strategies and plans through our creative and strategic forces.


We break free from conventional practices and explore horizons where customer-interaction is maximum.


Media Planning & Buying

Our network of media has an unbounded reach that we ensure at the best rates.


We leverage impactful creativity to charm the minds of target markets and clever strategy to place our clients at the top of their consumers’ minds.


We craft meaningful messages that give brands a distinct voice for customers to follow.

Brand Development

From designing logos to collaterals, we craft a bespoke brand identity for marketers that garners positive brand perception.


Script Writing

We write creative scripts for commercials across media platforms.


We effectively adapt mainstream advertising messages to ethnic languages -Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, and more.

Commercial Direction

We provide creative direction to commercials through the lens of our talented directors.

Concept Development

We develop creative concepts that add meaning to a brand’s customer journey.


Digital Marketing

Leveraging Google Adwords, we launch digital campaigns comprising digital banner ads, GIFs, videos, and more with highly-precise targeting.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest marketing are our fortes. Through vivid and attention-grabbing creatives, we effectively reach markets.

SEO/SEM Strategies

We devise well-planned SEO/SEM strategies that keep our clients ahead in the digital arena.

Weibo, WeChat & Dealmoon Marketing

We specialize in marketing to the Chinese community in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Hungry for a fresh campaign?

DV8 also conducts seminars and training sessions at corporate levels to better understand the ethnicities in Canada and more specifically how to make the connection between your company and each of them effectively.

We have a clear knowledge of your company’s ultimate future objectives and help you along the way. Our team of experts works closely with clients by understanding your company’s philosophy. We work directly with advertising agencies on behalf of your company in complete confidentiality.

Our relationship with the available ethnic media communities is very strong. This enables us to offer you better rates, free editorials, and interviews through TV and radio, and much more.

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