Why A Multicultural Marketing Agency Helps You?

If you’re often wondering how your brand can expand its target audience, then you’ve come to the right place.

A multicultural marketing agency is the best place for brands to get services and consultancy on multicultural marketing campaigns and strategies. In places like Canada and the USA, where the population is highly multicultural, such agencies are especially crucial for businesses. They help brands capitalize on marketing opportunities and secure new audiences within the multicultural communities.

As of now, the multicultural visible minorities are often overlooked or straight up disregarded by many brands. This is a crucial mistake for brands to make, as they are severely limiting their target audience size. 

Multicultural marketing agencies aim to fix this by connecting both brands and multicultural communities, the right way. This is great news for brands, as countless previously overlooked market opportunities are now made accessible. 

An Available And Sizable Market On The Rise

According to the most recently released census results in 2016, 7.67 million Canadians are foreign-born. This makes up 21.9% of the entire Canadian population, and they came from all over the world. Throughout 2011 to 2021, Canada has seen immigrants from a very wide variety of countries. The most predominant sources are India, China, Philippines, UK, Nigeria, France, USA, Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. 

If this multicultural and multinational population seems large now, it’ll grow even bigger in the near future. Based on the 2016 census results, if immigration rates continued at this rate, foreign-born immigrants would represent 24.5% to 30% of the total Canadian population in 2036. 

This is something that Canada is certainly on board with in the near future. On February 14th of 2022, the Canadian government announced that they plan to welcome 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 new permanent residents in 2023, and 451,000 new permanent residents in 2024. This means that from 2022 to 2024, Canada will see roughly 1.3 million new immigrants. 

Multicultural communities in Canada are already a large demographic, and they are only expanding as time goes on. This means that getting a hold of the rich market opportunities amongst this growing part of the population is more crucial than ever. 

Thus, multicultural marketing is increasingly more important and beneficial day by day. Brands and businesses must adjust their strategies to keep up with the increasingly multicultural climate. Overlooking these visible minorities is a massive mistake.

This is exactly why there are so many multicultural marketing agencies in Canada, especially in large cities like Toronto and Montreal, where the diversity is especially visible. And a multicultural marketing agency has exactly the tools you need to find success in these diverse Canadian markets rich with opportunities. Here is why you’ll need them. 

Multicultural Marketing Agencies Understand Audiences

According to a marketing study done by Think With Google, multicultural Canadians wish to seek a balanced blend of Canadian lifestyle and home cultures and traditions. Looking at the numbers, 59% of East Asian Canadians, 66% of South Asian Canadians and 64% of Southeast Asian Canadians wish to balance Canadian lifestyle and traditions with the lifestyle and traditions of their own countries.

Multicultural Marketing Agencies Understand Audiences

Multicultural Canadians love to feel at home in Canada, while also staying in touch with their cultural roots. This is especially the case for newcomer immigrants. They are unfamiliar with Canada, and which brands they should purchase. 

In essence, any brand that can deliver the balance of Canadian lifestyle and culture is likely welcomed by the multicultural visible minorities. This is why it’s so important to incorporate cultural and traditional elements within marketing campaigns. And this is where the importance of effective multicultural marketing comes in. 

Multicultural marketing agencies can deliver this kind of effective multicultural marketing for brands. A multicultural marketing agency has specific experience and knowledge with cultures, communities, branding development, and marketing strategies. They have a firm idea on what specifically the communities desire, and how brands can garner their interests. 

In fact, many agencies are composed of people or groups from the visible minorities. They carry and deliver the voice of the multicultural communities in Canada to the brands and corporations. 

They Make The Connection For You

A multicultural marketing agency has specialized expertise on what the multicultural communities desire, and which marketing and branding strategies are suitable. 

They stand on the perspective of multicultural minorities, and they do tailored market data-driven research, brand development, and execute strategies to draw the desired audiences into the customer base. 

To increase effectiveness, a multicultural marketing agency also knows how to incorporate significant cultural elements into valuable marketing campaigns for brands and companies. Two examples of these include traditional holidays and/or festivals, and non-English languages.

Celebrating Together 

Multicultural Audiences Celebrating Together

Traditional holidays and festivals are fun times for brands to celebrate with multicultural communities. But more than that, these holidays are also very significant in terms of culture. By integrating your brands with cultural holidays and special occasions, you can develop that kind of lifestyle-cultural balance that multicultural minorities seek, as well as give cultural significance and relevance to your brand. These are two of the best ways to tailor your brand with the multicultural communities. 

Multilingual Marketing

Another example is language. The language and communication differences between the different multicultural communities is one of the major obstacles in effective multicultural marketing. But the agencies have that taken care of, too. 

Many multicultural marketing agencies are multilingual. They can “speak the tongue of the communities”, and craft marketing messages that effectively communicate for the brand, fully bypassing any language barriers.

Multilingual Marketing

These are two of the many examples of how a multicultural marketing agency helps you secure large available markets, filled with communities eager to give your brand a try.

Seize the Opportunities Now

Multicultural Connection

Multicultural markets are blooming with opportunities for brands. They are sizable, and they’re only growing bigger. The communities are also filled with people eager to find the brands that provide the balanced mix of Canadian lifestyle and cultural tastes that give them a feeling of home. 

With insights, knowledge, and expertise in the fields of marketing, business strategies, brand development, culture, and many others, a multicultural marketing agency has a solid idea on how your brands can connect with the multicultural communities. 

These specialized agencies can deliver the perfect marketing and branding campaigns that make brands reach and be seen by the multicultural communities. They are your go-to places to get tailored marketing campaigns for specific cultural demographics. With multicultural marketing agencies by your side, you increase efficiency, productivity and performance. 

So what are you waiting for?

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