Celebrating World Radio Day 2024 with Multicultural Voice

Radio is one of the most underrated platforms for capturing and engaging audiences. According to people opine, Radio targeting goes unheard as Apple car play and Android Auto are taking over. Let’s dispel rumours and focus on the facts!

Audience Engagement!

A staggering 68% of Canadians listen to commercial radio at least once a week, and 39% do so daily. In contrast, 39% of Canadians listen to music via streaming services, 32% tune in to CBC Radio/ICI Radio-Canada, 22% to podcasts, and 17% to satellite radio every week.

Multicultural Radio Advertising

Wait…wait……wait… this is not all the Diverse audience!

The number and popularity of Multicultural radio advertising stations are on the rise catering to the rising diverse population in Canada. These stations broadcast in various languages, including Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more reflecting the country’s diverse demographics.

Targeting across Age Groups!

From young to old, radio can effectively target all ages. People listen to the radio while commuting making it an ideal platform for brand recall and exposure and recurring ads can make sufficient space in the subconscious memory of all age groups.  Impressively 77% of Canadians who are 12 years of age and older listen to the radio once a week. This includes 77% of the 12–24 age group, 81% of the 25–54 age group, and 70% of the 55 and over age group. Radio generated over $1.2 billion in revenue last year.


Generally speaking, Radio targeting is more cost-effective than TV advertising. With lower production and broadcast expenses

Furthermore, radio provides alternatives for precision targeting, making it a budget-friendly option to reach local markets or demographics. All things considered; multicultural radio advertising can be a reasonably priced means of getting marketing messages delivered to targeted groups.

Mitigating Spillover!

DV8 is one of the leading Multicultural agencies specializing in reaching multicultural audiences. With 20+ years of experience, DV8 provides expert guidance to minimize spillover and ensure targeted messages reach the right audience.

Why DV8?

DV8 Global Media Communication is a full-service multicultural marketing agency, serving US and Canada. We are armed with an intimate and firsthand understanding of different cultures. DV8 offers integrated marketing solutions to effectively connect brands with multicultural audiences.  From Strategy to execution, DV8 provides the most effective, economical, and dynamic solutions tailored to you and your brand’s needs.


Multicultural Radio Advertising

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