Ambereen Jahangir Reflects on Judging the Multicultural Marketing Awards 2024

At DV8 Communication, we take pride in our commitment to multicultural marketing, recognizing the diverse landscape of cultures that make up Canada. Recently, our CEO, Ambereen Jahangir, had the honour of serving as a jury member for the Multicultural Marketing Awards 2024. Her experience provided invaluable insights into the evolving theme of culturally inclusive advertising, shedding light on what it takes to create impactful campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Ambereen Jahangir

Reflecting on her role as a jury member, Ambereen shared, “Being part of the judging panel for the Multicultural Marketing Awards was both enlightening and inspiring. It highlighted the incredible creativity and innovation within our industry, showcasing campaigns that authentically connect with diverse communities.”

Throughout the judging process, Ambereen emphasized the importance of authenticity and cultural resonance in successful multicultural marketing endeavors. “We looked beyond surface-level translations,” she explained. “Authenticity is paramount. It’s about understanding and embracing the values, traditions, and nuances of the communities we aim to reach.”

Among the standout campaigns were CIBC’s Send All The Love, Metrolinx’s Go Diwali, and KitKat’s Iftar Bar campaigns, which did an exceptional job. Ambereen praised their success, stating, “Send All The Love beautifully captured the essence of multicultural marketing. It seamlessly integrated cultural elements while delivering a heartfelt message that resonated with audiences from various backgrounds.”

CIBC’s Send All The Love campaign, for instance, celebrated Canada’s cultural diversity while promoting financial inclusion, striking a chord with Ambereen and her fellow judges. “Send All The Love showcased the power of storytelling to forge deep connections,” Ambereen remarked. “It celebrated the unique experiences of different communities, while emphasizing the universal theme of love and belonging.”

Ambereen underscored the significance of campaigns like Send All The Love in today’s market, emphasizing that multicultural communities, such as South Asian and Chinese demographics, represent low-hanging fruit for brands seeking to claim a bigger piece of the pie. “In a country as diverse as Canada, brands must embrace and celebrate cultural diversity,” she emphasized.

As DV8 Communication continues to champion multicultural marketing, Ambereen’s experience judging the awards serves as a guiding light. “The awards reaffirmed the importance of our mission in creating meaningful connections between brands and diverse communities,” Ambereen concluded. “I’m excited to witness the industry’s ongoing evolution and innovation in pursuit of cultural authenticity and inclusivity.”

In celebrating the success of campaigns like Send All The Love, DV8 Communication remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change through culturally relevant marketing initiatives. Ambereen Jahangir’s journey as a jury member reminds us of the profound impact that multicultural marketing can have in celebrating diversity and fostering genuine connections across cultural boundaries.

As other brands embrace multicultural marketing, DV8 Communication offers authentic strategies to connect with diverse audiences. Ready to elevate your brand? Partner with us for impactful campaigns. Reach out today!

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